Custom Salesforce Inbound BDR tool template in Retool

Looking for a custom tool to use on top of your Salesforce data? Download the template to use this lead enrichment app in your own Retool environment.

Salesforce custom BDR tool download

Do you need a custom tool for lead enrichment on top of your Salesforce data, or need a Salesforce alternative for your customer data?

Many of our clients are looking to build their own custom internal applications on top of the Salesforce API, to avoid paying for extra users and to have greater flexibility with their Salesforce CRM data.

This is a great use case for Retool, which is why we built a customizable lead enrichment Tool using Salesforce, Retool and

With this app, your users can securely access CRM data, filter contacts and enrich data, all without needing access to the Salesforce environment (so you can save on licenses too!).

In this tool you can:

  • Enrich Salesforce leads with website, LinkedIn, industry and revenue data with the click of a button
  • Give BDRs secure and controlled access to your Salesforce data
  • Track qualified vs unqualified leads, and get a simple overview
  • Query your Salesforce data with SQL, and even use SQL to write the enriched data back (Sequin allows you to do this without connecting to Salesforce's complex API)
  • Generate an AI intro for your sales reps based on dynamic data in your app, which you can then send directly from the app

And, ultimately, you can customize a bespoke Salesforce alternative for your own business needs.

Retool is a great platform for building business software really fast. As well as building custom sales tools for lead enrichment, you can build admin panels, dashboards, support tools and more on top of your existing data sources, like Salesforce.

Here's how it looks:


In our full Salesforce BDR tool tutorial, you can learn exactly how we built this, and more about why Sequin is such a great option for connecting to tricky APIs like Salesforce via Postgres instead.

Or you can even...

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